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Find us at Santa’s Village, Taboo Resort, Severn Lodge & Bayview Wildwood Resort!

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Commonly Asked Questions!

What’s Amanda’s Exotic Animals about?

Amanda’s Exotic Animals has a goal of education, conservation and improved care. We bring happiness and fun to all ages!
We educate the public through social media content and interactive reptile events where the community can get hands on with reptiles and learn about a variety of exotic animals. We hope to show the world why we love our scaly friends and share many fun facts while teaching about conservation, proper care, safety and more! Our goal is to inspire love and respect for wildlife. 

Our shows are for all ages, containing information that will interest young children and adults. The animals are friendly and handled daily to ensure they will be happy to interact with large groups. 

Amanda’s Exotic Animals also does rescue work, 95% of our animals were rescued animals. They now thrive here with us. 


About Amanda - Owner of Amanda’s Exotic Animals 

 Amanda is a 23 year old content creator for reptiles and other exotics. She has spent her whole life working with and around a a variety of the worlds greatest creatures. She has a life goal of sharing their beauty with the world in hopes of exposing the public to the wonders of exotic animals. The hope is to create more exotics/animal lovers. Reptiles are necessary for our ecosystems to thrive but often taken for granted. Amanda believes they should be appreciated for the incredible creatures they are. Real life dinosaurs.

Amanda is very passionate about proper animal care and helping our animals thrive, not just survive.

Beginning by volunteering at the OSPCA and being a farm hand, to travelling the world to work with animals abroad, Amanda has worked in all sorts of animal environments. She completed the animal care program at Sheridan college in 2020.  In 2016 Amanda volunteered at a Costa Rica wildlife centre, working with rehabbing wildlife. In 2020/21 she worked at a reptile rescue/zoo and store (Reptile Kingdom). Amanda has been invited to speak at Animal Con USA in 2022 and 2023. She has met and learnt from many large names in the industry, including Fred Grundwald, Chandler’s Wildlife, Tom and the other Crutchfeild’s, Brian Barczyk, Doc Antle and many more.

Amanda has a goal of instilling love for animals in everyone by creating fun, once in a lifetime memories. 

More about the animals?

Consisting of reptiles, amphibians, birds, invertebrates and more our events feature a variety of animals!

Throughout our events everyone will have a chance to handle, pet or feed the animals while learning all about them!

All animals that are used in events are friendly, trained and long term animal ambassadors. We highly value the animal’s comfort level and continue to asses animal body language throughout events.

Meet some of our animals on the “Our Animals” page!

Where are we located?

Amanda’s Exotic Animals is based in muskoka, but we entertain to muskoka and beyond! We travel to you for events. We charge the government rate for our travel fee: 50 cents/km

How do you book an event?

We’re excited to book an event with you!

Head over to our “Events/Booking” page. Scroll down to view our different events. Decide which style of event sounds best for you and send us a message from the “contact” page.
Let us know if you have a date/time in mind, and together we can schedule animal event for you!

We will require an address for the event before completing a booking.

Are we a rescue?

Amanda has been working with rescues for over 6 years and has successfully rehabilitated hundred of animals. Most of these animals find a new forever home but a select few stay with us and help us educate you!
Amanda begun her business with the hope of educating future reptile lovers how to properly care for their reptiles/exotics.
If you are interested in adopting a pet checkout our “Animals for Sale & Adoption” page and send us a message if you see an animal who interests you.

Read more about Amanda’s rescue efforts on “Rescue Efforts” page.

  • ”Only when the keeper and the kept lose fear of each other, the magical understanding begins” - Tom Crutchfeild

Conservation of species

We strive to help both animals in captivity and in the wild. We decided to begin with education, teaching about the importance of conservation, respecting wildlife and ending fear/stigma.

Reptiles play necessary roles in ecosystems worldwide and contribute to the overall health and balance of the environment. Protecting them and other wildlife is vital. Even a simple task such as cleaning up after yourself at the beach can go a long way in helping our wildlife.

Click below to read more about conservation efforts and what you can do to help!

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