Terms of Use

Please read terms of use and disclaimers thoroughly.

By booking Amanda’s Exotic Animals you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following requirements, conditions and risks: 


Booking Process:

- Bookings are not reserved until you receive the booking form. 
- Reservations in our calendar may be released at any point should terms not be met, or if we do not receive the completed booking form in a timely manner  


- Our animals are friendly, handled daily and trained. However, understand that no amount of socialization and training can make animals completely predictable and safe. Therefore, there is some level of risk each time someone interacts with an animal. 
- Animals may bite, scratch, hit, cause allergic reactions or illness, defecate and/or urinate, or otherwise cause damage to persons or property. 
- Amanda’s Exotic Animals is not liable for any damage or loss to persons or property caused in part or whole by our animals, staff, vehicles or equipment. 
-  Amanda’s Exotic Animals staff hold the right to stop any booking at any time if, at any point, staff do not feel that it is a safe environment for people or the animals. I’m such a case, payment is still due in full. 



Animal Welfare, Availability and Requests:

- we do our best to fulfill any requests, but we must keep in mind the welfare of the animals and make choices based off their well being. 
- animal availability might depend on handlers training, animal mood, and animals ability to get along with other animals in the package.

Booking Requirements:

- we require a space to offload that is as close as possible to venue entrance. 
- parking is the responsibility of the client. Any parking costs incurred by Amanda’s Exotic Animals will be billed back to the client. 
- events can be held outdoors in the summer. Temperature must be between 15-29. Animals MUST be in full shade for duration of the presentation. 
- there must always be an indoor option in case weather is not cooperating with us. 
- no pictures of the animals are permitted while they are in their carriers. 
- food is not allowed to be served or eaten during the presentation. This is partly for sanitation and because animal behaviour may change around food and they could get into something harmful to them. 
- all participants must wash hands after an event.