I first met Amanda Foley while visiting Santa’s Village last summer with our
grandson. He was so excited to see Amanda’s Exotic Animals show and was not
disappointed. We were so amazed with her selection of animals. We were
thoroughly entertained with the information she shared about each animal and
the care it required. My grandson had the opportunity to go on stage and hold one
of Amanda’s animals. It was the highlight of his summer holiday. Her ability to
share valuable information and provide opportunities for children to interact with
the animals made her show truly exceptional. As President of the Bracebridge
Agricultural Society, we are always looking for something new, exciting and
educational for the visitors at the Fall Fair. I knew Amanda’s show would be
perfect. We were able to fit her in for a show during the 2023 Fair. Her show was
such a huge success among the children and adults, we have booked her for a full
day for our 2024 Fall Fair. Her ability to interact with her audience while providing
hands on opportunities and teaching about her animals provides an experience
that we strive for people attending our fair to enjoy.
Dave Nichols,
Bracebridge Agricultural Society

We hired Amanda Foley and her Exotic Animals for our grandson’s 5th birthday
party in December. I can’t say enough about how thrilled we were with her
presentation. The children were spellbound by her animals and what they learned
from Amanda. She taught them about the special qualities of each animal, how to
care for it and then provided each person at the party with an opportunity to
touch and/or hold each animal. It was such a valuable experience for each child
and adult. Amanda is passionate about her animals and this was so clearly
demonstrated in her presentation. I was so impressed with Amanda’s show, I have
passed on her name to some teachers I have worked with. The amazing
educational experience she provides needs to be shared. We hope to book her
again for a family function this summer. Thanks, Amanda.
Beth Nichols
Retired Kindergarten Teacher

You always put on an amazing and educational show! Working with you is always
a pleasure and your animals are amazing
Jessica Hazeldon

I love your shows! I think what you’re doing is especially great with easing fears
through education in people of all ages, but especially in young people. Personally,
my fear of spiders has lessened due to education through you! I think that is a
super important example as I’m sure others walk away with a new perspective as
well. Easing fears and misunderstandings of creatures only benefits and protects
our native species that are already facing population decline.
Jessica Terry

Yes Amanda! We enjoyed your educational presentation very much at KP Manson
PS! You kept all of my SK/1 kids engaged while online during Covid!! A child who
was not normally engaged in learning ran to the back of the class while you were
teaching us. He just had to grab a book that had a similar reptile in it to show you
because he was soooo excited!! Good luck with your approvals! You deserve to
keep teaching!
Lisa Carrothers
Bracebridge resident-Educator at KP Manson school

I have always loved Amanda’s educational videos and posts on animals! As an
expecting mom, I can’t wait to have her come for a show at my future child’s
birthday celebration
Always heard such positive things regarding her shows!!
Paige Leonard

Seen Amanda at a Birthday Party. She was incredible, I think the grown ups were
as impressed with the show as the kids! She was so informative I loved learning
about the animals! Such a wonderful educational experience. My daughter was
TERRIFIED of bugs and things before the show, after it she now picks up worms
and snakes and all sorts of things
Her hands on experience helped her over come her fears!
Kristy-Lynne smith

I strongly believe it is so important to have someone like Amanda and her animals
spread awareness and properly educate kids as well as adults to lessen the fear
around exotic animals in general.
I had Amanda and her beautiful animals at my son's 5th birthday party last year.
Learning and understanding more about each animal, a few of the adult guests
felt compelled to overcome their fears/phobias in a particular animal she had
Jess Jones

You came to my daughter’s class recently and she loved it! The whole class loved
your show and the animals! Thank you so much!
Steph Schofield

My son held Nagini at Santa's Village and he absolutely fell in LOVE with her. He
was so surprised at how soft her scales were and how gentle she was.
He has asked to have a pet snake or a leopard gecko now .
I myself rescued a bearded dragon from the SPCA years ago and had several other
breeds lizards. They have always had a special place in my heart.
Kaylee Panes

We saw you at the gull lake Canada Day event! And this year for my daughter’s
eighth birthday you’ll be coming to help educate the kids on all my daughter’s
favorite animals! We love seeing your shows and we can’t wait to see you at our
birthday party!!!
Charlene Freilich

It was a delight seeing you at Santa’s Village. We loved getting up close and
personal with some of your animals. We can’t wait to celebrate my daughter’s
birthday with some more exotic animals!
Ashley Atkinson

Amanda, we had you at my niece's 10th birthday party and it was AMAZING. one
of the coolest and most memorable days!
Brianne Hillier

Oh my goodness! I can't say enough about your shows! My son's birthday was in
November and he is already asking for you to be at his next birthday!
You have this amazing ability to keep the shows interesting and fun for all ages
(including a group of 15 five year olds). My son STILL talks about how he loved to
see and hold the animals!
You made everyone (including the more hesitant ones) so comfortable with
stepping out of their comfort zones and holding or petting the reptiles!
I cannot recommend your service enough, I feel like my son's birthday is going to
be reptile themed for so many years to come!
Meaghan O’Neill

Amandas exotic animals does such a great job for the kids it's a wonderful
birthday idea and gives us something exciting to bring to the kiddos, my 3 year old
loves their shows thankyou so much for sharing your friends with us and teaching
the kids all about these amazing reptiles
Karly McLaughlin

I’ve seen you a few times! Once in Rosseau and once at my nephews birthday
party! You were amazing, it was so great to see all the animals and learn about
them. Amanda is so knowledgeable and it’s clear she cares so much for every one
of them!
Sarah Coulson

We can’t wait to have Amanda's Exotic Animals back for another show this
The kids (+ adults) loved learning and interacting with the animals.
Amanda is fantastic! So knowledgeable, happy to answer everyone’s questions
and we are grateful to have her share her friends
Muskoka General Store and Refillary

About Amanda’s Rescue

Beginning in 2017, Amanda’s Exotic Animals started out as a rescue. To this day we have successfully rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of exotics. 
Our preferred vets are - Burloak Animal Hospital and Links Road Animal Hospital. 
Though we do still take in surrenders, Amanda’s Exotic Animals became an educational business in 2023 with a goal of preventing future animals from needing to be rescued. We aim to teach future reptile owners the importance of proper care and research, leading to more responsible and informed owners who properly meet and exceed the needs of their pet. 

If you require any expertise or guidance with your exotic pet, let us know! We’re here to help. We also offer zoom consultations and help for a small fee.

If you’re interested in surrendering a pet, head over to our contact page and send us a message. If you’re interested in adopting, head over to our animals for sale/adoption page and see what’s available!

How to Donate

Much of the profits from Animal Events gets put toward our rescue program, as well as rehome fees but we’ve additionally created a go-fund- me for anyone interested in donating.