5 Fun False Water Cobra Facts!

5 Fun False Water Cobra Facts!

False water cobras are one of my favourite species. Whilst doing research on them for my book, I thought I’d share a few interesting facts! 

1. The false water cobra isn’t a real cobra! A cobra comes from the genus Naja, whereas a false water combat is part of the colubridae family. 

2. A false water cobra CANNOT kill a human. Though they have a venom yield, it is not in high enough quantity to cause death. Due to being a rear fanged snakes, most do not report any symptoms at all to a bite unless they let the snake chew. 

3. False water cobras have an extremely varied diet, including fish, birds, other snakes and reptiles, frogs, rodents and more. 

4. The false water ones is among the largest of the colybridae family, only being rivalled by the drymarchon genus (cribos and indigos). The snake can reach up to 10 feet, but generally maxing out around 6-8. 

5. Another name for the false water cobra is the Brazilian smooth snake. This is due to the smooth scales on the animal, common amount semi aquatic reptiles. 

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